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Niall for Midnight Memories Vinyl

James / Bradley / Connor / Tristan

@1DTiti: @Real_Liam_Payne and @NiaIIOflfcial getting of the plain we were the first to see them


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Dónde estamos Bogota, Colombia Concierto Livestream Enlace

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Si hablas en español, te gusta The Vamps, y Tristan y Brad juntos, acá te dejo el link de mi One Shot Tradley :)

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Anónimo: Who is Harry dating now? 



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AU where Happily was the chosen single and the music video is a cheerful sunny video where everyone has hair cut and beards shaved and are all well rested and glowing with the really long break they’re supposed to have had and they’re dancing and spinning and driving around and laughing with each other and looking like they’re actually enjoYING THIS

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